Tropicana Field Lease Agreement

“Subject to the club`s reasonable permission and provided that the club does not unduly affect the operation of the cathedral,” says a section entitled “Air Rights,” the city may sell or lease the land for development. Kriseman said he would meet his lease obligation, meaning the team will be tied to St. Petersburg until 2027. But after that, he`s ready to see the Rays move and develop the current field at Tropicana Field. On the other hand, if I`m not mistaken, the user agreement allows the Rays for rights to benefit from the rural development of Tropicana Field (by the end of 2027, I think). If St. Pete wants to open the field, he needs to involve Sternberg in the negotiation process. This is a topic that could be used to negotiate a mutual agreement to leave before 2027 and make the site rediscover in St. Pete. In most cases, this is true, but not in the case of the Rays leasing. Sternberg tried to explore this option years ago, but decided it would not fly. The type of deal the Rays have with their owner changes a lot of things.

They can leave, but they cannot be sure what the cap on the damage they might have to pay might be. The lease gives the city the right to seek an injunction if the Rays try to blow up the city. It may be said that a judge may not readily admit it, but Sternberg is obviously not so sure since he negotiated for years an exit clause (which expires at the end of this month). Sternberg spoke Tuesday about his shared matchmaking plan for the Rays and said he wants to implement it in 2024. That`s three years before the end of his tropical leasing contract. Ray`s President, Brian Auld, met individually with the members of the Board (remember that individual meetings are not subject to the Sunshine Laws). During these meetings, he drew up the plan for the two cities, while acknowledging that the Rays have the right to organize the city of any rehabilitation on the largest site of Tropicana Field, invoking this use agreement clause that gives them a say over the remediation measures. The ESPN report that the Tampa Bay Rays have obtained permission from Major League Baseball to explore the idea of sharing their home games between the Tampa and Montreal area seems to overlook an important fact: the Rays` lease with the city of St.