Web.com Master Services Agreement

When the customer pays for the services by credit card or loading card, the customer definitively and irrevocably waives any right to issue a “chargeback” (i.e. a disputed, cancelled or disputed tax with the bank concerned, credit card, loading card or other method of payment) against these payments for any reason against Web.com. If Web.com is unable to for some reason, billing your account or any other method of payment for the total amount owed for the services provided, or if Web.com receives a notification of a refund, cancellation, challenge or penalty for a fee that it has previously charged to your account or any other method of payment, you agree that we can follow all legitimate remedies available to obtain payment, including, but not limited to immediate cancellation, without this being the case. We also have the right to charge you a reasonable “administrative fee” or “processing fee” for (i) additional tasks that we may perform outside the normal volume of services; (ii) the additional time and/or costs we can bear for the provision of services and/or (iii) your non-compliance with this agreement (as we have established at our sole and absolute assessment). Typical scenarios of administrative or processing costs include, among other things, (i) after-sales service issues that require additional personal time or attention; (ii) UDRP shares related to your domain name and/or litigation requiring accounting or legal services, whether by Web.com or by external companies we retain; (iii) all fees and fees, including service charges incurred by Web.com as a result of refunds or other payment disputes on your part, your bank or another liquidator of the payment method. These management or processing fees are charged to the account or any other payment method you Web.com. You are solely responsible for creating, managing, editing, verifying, deleting and other control of the content of your website, whether Web.com provides you with design or customization services as part of this agreement, including all product and service descriptions you offer to customers of your website and user-generated content on your site. If they act as a channel, Web.com gives you discretion over your content, provided it is compatible and interoperable with all services or Web.com software provided under this Agreement. They retain all rights, titles and interests on and on all intellectual property rights contained in the content, without any content provided by Web.com.